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Lenovo integrates REACHit and Cortana into one giant cross-device search tool

Hayden Dingman | May 29, 2015
Sick of wasting time searching for your files like some sort of 1996-era plebe? Are you willing to give up another shred of your ever-shrinking privacy for a bit more digital convenience?

Jokes aside, I'm torn. On the one hand I'm impressed by the technology behind both these services. And I certainly understand the need for better search indexing. I have 5TB of storage in my computer, most of it full. Finding a file at this point is like searching for a single book in a poorly-organized used book store.

Or a chain of bookstores, really. In addition to my desktop I have two laptops, a tablet, and two phones. Yeah, I feel lucky finding anything in that morass of devices.

But on the other hand, there are legitimate privacy concern questions that need to be answered. Lenovo's release is light on details, but I imagine for REACHit to work you need to give the company permission to cloud-store a full map of all your hard drives — to say nothing of the fact it apparently geotags your documents.

Whether you're willing to allow Lenovo that sort of power — especially in light of the recent privacy-invading Superfish scandal — is a judgment call you'll have to make.


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