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Leatherman Tread review: Serious jewelry for the person who's always prepared

Gordon Mah Ung | July 15, 2015
Let's not kid ourselves, Leatherman's Tread multi-tool is jewelry. But it's truly functional jewelry that only the legendary multi-tool maker could make.

The other consideration is that the Tread, as nifty as it is, doesn't offer anything the "real" multi-tool on my belt pocket does. The Leatherman Surge I carry daily, for example, does a hell of a lot more than the Tread can, if only because it has the signature Leatherman pliers, a knife, saw and file.

But then, I can't bring my Leatherman Surge, Wave, Benchmade knife or half of the other bits of flotsam and jetsam in my pockets or on my belt with me on a plane. The Tread, however, easily passes the TSA test as there's no blade on it. The Tread on my wrist also won't fly off or get lost, even during my freedom strip search.

It's really jewelry

The other function the Tread serves is probably it's primary function: jewelry. Sure, the Tread is functional, rugged and surprisingly strong. But what it mostly does is say something about the wearer and his or her outlook on being prepared for life.

If you need a screw tightened, something cut or to borrow a flashlight to look for the keys you dropped in the server room, just look for the co-worker wearing the Tread, because he or she will be ready for anything. That's really what the Tread does best besides actually working as multi-tool.


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