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Leadership is demonstrated - not measured

Bradley de Souza | Oct. 23, 2014
Bradley de Souza calls for an end to the current 'leadership by numbers' obsession - and why failing a leadership exam isn’t always the worst outcome.

A good leader knows when to take calculated risks versus callous, gratuitous risks. There are times however, when a leader is compelled to take risks based on very little or poor information, forced to use both instinct and experience. This kind of emotive leadership can lead to success and prosperity or failure and despair. In both cases, the leader must maintain the morale and motivation of the people in order to take on the next challenge.

Shields of stability
During periods of change and instability, it is the burden and duty of a leader to shield people from uncertainty until such time as stability can be seen on the horizon. This does not mean deceiving those under the stewardship of the leader but more importantly giving focus and balance to offset what could be a difficult period.


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