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Law firm CIO makes the case for Microsoft Lync

Thor Olavsrud | April 8, 2014
Law firm Holland & Knight already had a who's who of best-of-breed communications products deployed when the firm's IT team decided it needed to replace the tangled mess of PBX systems that provided voice lines at its many offices. It chose to jettison them all in favor of an infrastructure built on Microsoft Lync Server 2013.

"We find most often that if a project fails, it's because people aren't addressing the user and change management issues," he says. "If you just deploy it and hope that they'll adopt it, they may or they may not. If you focus on change management and really help build the business case as to how it's going to help their workflow and their practice, that always leads to a successful deployment."

He notes that his team focused on emphasizing the "wow" factors when marketing the new system to attorneys and staff.

"We really changed the focus," he says. "We stopped talking about the 'Lync phone system,' and started talking about it as the new phone system that integrates with Lync. We started building a buzz with the new features like audio conferencing, white boarding and ad hoc collaboration."

Additionally, the team sought out key supporters across Holland & Knight's organization and made sure to get them on board — and not just users who expressed enthusiasm right off the bat.

"You want to find people who say, 'I don't know if I want to try this,'" Leung says. "If you can win them over, it will go a long way."

Back End Infrastructure Benefits

Leung notes that he and his team discovered another important benefit on the back end. Because the system uses Microsoft technology, the IT team has been able to leverage the same disaster recovery and business continuity infrastructure that it uses with the rest of its environment.

"It was easy at that point to leverage it all together and make that a critical, tier-one application," he says.


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