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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the smartphone revolution

JR Raphael | Aug. 27, 2015
You say you want a revolution? The smartphone market as we know is about to be flipped upside down -- and there's no turning back from this kind of change.

(I'm using the new Note as an example, by the way, since that's where I started to notice this "expensive" discussion beginning. Samsung's smaller Galaxy S6 isn't much cheaper, though: That phone is in the mid-$600-range off-contract. And it's not just Samsung, either: Current flagships from HTC and LG are also in that same general range. This is very much an industry-wide phenomenon.)

Now, don't expect any sort of drastic changes to happen overnight. Like most things, it's going to take time for the effects of this to spread throughout the industry and start making a difference. But just like with the carrier contracts three years ago, a rumbling is rising down under. Expectations are evolving. The writing is on the wall.

The smartphone revolution is upon us, my comrades. And for us as consumers, that's nothing but good news.

After years of oppression, the ball is finally in our court.


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