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Kenneth van Wyk: We can't just blame users

Kenneth van Wyk | July 17, 2014
Yes, users sometimes do stupid things. Some always will. But developers need to do more to save users from themselves.

What's needed is more secure software. I'm not talking about security software, although I'm sure many a mobile security software vendor will use this and similar malware incidents to try to sell us their wares. I'm talking about software that is more secure to begin with. Software with security built in.

Think about it. Why on earth should the SMS program on a mobile device be allowed to install software? For that matter, why should unvetted software be allowed to install at all? We should be asking ourselves these sorts of basic questions at every stage of development. Think about the things that we let software do because it's always been that way, and then ask yourself, "Is it really a good idea? Wouldn't the software be more secure if we didn't do that?"

We simply have to do a better job of building software that doesn't betray users when they make unwise choices.

In fact, we have to design and build software that assumes users will make unwise choices. Because they will. They need us to make some wise choices before they ever get their hands on our software.


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