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Kaspersky Lab reveals new privacy tools in 2015 edition of security portfolio

AvantiKumar | Sept. 3, 2014
During Malaysia IT Fair, Kaspersky Lab Brand Ambassador Jay Chou unveils Kaspersky Anti Virus 2015 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015.

Kaspersky in Malaysia modified 

Photo -  (from left) Jimmy Low, Pre-Sales Manager, Kaspersky Lab SEA; Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director, Kaspersky Lab SEA; Ellis Chung, Marketing Director, Kaspersky Lab APAC;  Jay Chou, star and Kaspersky Lab Brand Ambassador of APAC region; Len Ngan, Managing Director, TechLane Resources; and June Lee,  General Manager, TechLane Resources.


Kaspersky Lab has introduced new privacy protection tools in the 2015 edition of its security products, said the Russian security solutions firm during the recent launch at Malaysia IT Fair in Kuala Lumpur.

Jimmy Fong, Kaspersky Lab's SEA channel sales director, said the new versions include several innovations for enhanced protection against encryption malware, to prevent webcam surveillance of the user as well as guard against the risks of working on vulnerable Wi-Fi networks.

"The Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 - or KIS 2015 - is our best consumer internet security product eve. It is an amazing combination of everything you need to protect your digital life while being relatively light and not consuming resource," Fong told the attendees.

"Our latest analysis reveals that biggest concerns of the online users are safe online financial transaction and privacy protection," he said. "Cybercriminals directly target social media and online banking accounts, passwords and other private information."

"We are excited to launch KIS KAV 2015 series featuring dedicated tools to fight the most complex malicious programs targeting your virtual assets and real-life money," he said. "The latest KIS 2015 version is easy to configure, runs quietly in the background and requires limited system resources."

Fong said that research conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International showed that Internet user's biggest concerns while online are the protection of their privacy and identity, their personal data, their finances and their children's safety.

 System Watcher module

"The Kaspersky Security Network logs more than 137,000 new phishing websites per month," he said. "These phishing sites, a universal cyberthreat posing a danger to all users regardless of device or operating system, aim to deceive victims into handing over sensitive personal and financial data."

Fong said that Kaspersky Lab's System Watcher module analysed all processes running on the operating system, and now featured new data backup functionality. "When System Watcher detects a suspicious program attempting to modify a user file, it instantly creates a local backup copy of that file, free from any external changes. If further observation indicates that the program that changed the file was malicious, then the changes will be rolled back."

Other innovations include a Wi-Fi Security Notification module, he said. "This module verifies the security of Wi-Fi hotspots and alerts the user to any potential threats, such as a vulnerable network connection or the transmission of an unsecured password via the Internet. Users also receive tips and recommendations on how to securely configure their own home Wi-Fi network."

Kaspersky Lab has developed the Webcam Protection feature. Fong said. "It helps monitor which applications attempt to connect to the webcam, warns the user of access attempts, and, if necessary, blocks webcam access."

Jay Chou said: "Kaspersky Lab's products have always been a personal favourite of mine. I was again a beta tester for KIS 2015, and I'm impressed. "Kaspersky Lab has been protecting my management company and my digital assets for many years. Now that Kaspersky is protecting me, I can focus on my music without any worries."


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