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Jolla sells 7,200 Sailfish OS tablets, promises to ship in the second quarter

Mikael Ricknäs | Dec. 11, 2014
Jolla promises to start shipping its Sailfish OS tablets in the second quarter of 2015.

Getting users to choose something other than Android or iOS tablets on a larger scale has proved difficult. BlackBerry learned that the hard way with the failed PlayBook, and Microsoft's progress has been slow. For the full year, Android and iOS's market share is expected to be over 95 percent, according to IDC. Windows will have a 4.6 percent share and other OSes 0.2 percent, it said in a recent report.

Jolla's total revenue made it the sixth most successful technology campaign so far on Indiegogo, beaten by the likes of Canary's wireless home security device, Jibo's robot, Skully's smart helmet and Axent Wear's headphones with integrated cat-ear-shaped speakers.

Backing crowdfunding campaigns isn't risk-free and funders should always brace for delays and failures.

Canary has struggled with both hardware and software delays. It had originally hoped to ship in May, but at the end of November the company said a majority of its backers would have to wait until after the year-end holidays. The largest unsuccessful campaign ever on Indiegogo was Ubuntu's Edge, which offered users a smartphone and desktop PC in one device. While the campaign collected an impressive $12.8 million, it had a fixed goal of $32 million, so it failed and nothing became of the product.

The Jolla tablet should be a safer bet for several reasons. Jolla has architected Sailfish in a way that lets it take advantage of hardware built for Android, which simplifies that side of the product development. Also, the company isn't writing the software from scratch.


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