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Joining CD tracks, quickly adding items to playlists, and iTunes device limits

Kirk McElhearn | March 11, 2013
Looking for the way to join tracks when you rip CDs with iTunes 11? Need to know how to get tracks into playlists quickly? What about iTunes Store device limits and gifting apps? All this and more in this week's column.

Q: Recently I ran into a wall regarding the five machine limit on iTunes account authorizations. At home I've got (1) a MacBook Pro that I travel with, (2) a MacPro and (3) an iMac, both of which are on my desk in my home office. I also have (4) an iMac at my work office. And my wife has (5) a Mac mini that we would like to share my Library on. That's my five authorizations. Now I want to set up a media server on a Mac mini at home to stream content to several Apple TVs, and I can't authorize it to share my library. I don't think I'm all that unusual, especially given that many people have kids at home too who add to the total count. Do you know of any way to get more than five authorizations?

Unfortunately, that limit seems to be set in stone. And you're not alone; I have four computers authorized, and I know many people like you who are using all five of their authorizations. Apple really needs to address this issue if it want to keep enticing people to set up digital hubs based on iTunes accounts. For now, I can only suggest that you deauthorize one of the two computers in your home office.

Q: Can I purchase an app for another iPad using my iTunes account? I already have the app but would like to purchase it for my grandchild on her iPad.

The iTunes account you have is linked to your iPad and your computer. While you could log into your account on your grandchild's iPad, he or she wouldn't be able to update any apps you buy without having your password.

What you should do is "gift" the app to your grandchild. When you find the app you want to buy, click on the arrow button next to its price; you'll see a Gift This App option in the pop-up menu. Follow the instructions after that.


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