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Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton among victims of high-profile hack

Open Source Community (Network World via TMZ) | March 12, 2013
A website has emerged that spreads the personal information of a bevy of celebrities, including Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI chief Robert Mueller, and a handful of actors and musicians.

Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, Jay-Z, Beyonce Knowles, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Robert Mueller, and Charlie Beck. Those are the targets of what appears to be a successful leak of personally identifiable information, made public on a very amateur-looking website.

The site, adorned with a goofy attempt at a scary photo and an ominous Satanic quote - in red font over a black background, no less - lists and hyperlinks the names of the high-profile victims of the data leak. The links lead directly to individual pages on the same site, which list each person's social security numbers, home addresses, previous addresses, and a link to PDF documents purporting to contain their credit reports.

The site, first brought to light by Hollywood gossip site TMZ, doesn't specify who was responsible for the attack. The motivation for the attack is unclear, as well. Aside from publicity, which this oddly assembled group of famous, SEO-rich targets was sure to achieve, the hack accomplishes very little.

So if you were looking to try to steal Joe Biden's identity, here's your chance. Act fast, though, because TMZ reports that the FBI and the LAPD have already launched an investigation.

Oh, and if you want to see the site for yourself, you can look it up on your own: exposed dot su. In case this is an SEO-targeted stunt to drive traffic to a malicious website that would in turn infect those who visit it, this blogger would rather not be responsible for sending people directly to it.


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