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It’s no laughing matter

Zafar Anjum | April 25, 2013
Singapore ‘Facebook’ cartoonist Leslie Chew arrested and later on released on bail for alleged sedition: report

A Singaporean cartoonist who is known for his satirical comic strip on his Facebook page was arrested for alleged sedition on Friday (19 April) and was later on released on bail.

Local media and AFP have reported that Leslie Chew, 37, had made some racist remarks in his cartoons posted on his "Demon-cratic Singapore" Facebook page on March 27.

According to reports, someone filed a complaint against his cartoon strip that made fun of the government for being "racist" toward minority Malays.

Chew was released on S$10,000 (US$8,060) bail on Sunday night. He is currently under investigation under the Sedition Act, his lawyer told media.

Chew lampoons current events in Singapore and he has over 21,000 followers on Facebook. An unemployed artist, he makes a living through donations from his online readers.

He claimed that he had put adequate disclaimers about his cartoons. His work on Demon-cratic Singapore was purely fictional, he had stated on his Facebook page.

Race is a sensitive matter in Singapore and the government takes racist remarks made online very seriously.


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