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iStabilizer Dolly creates smooth, stable tracking shots with your phone or camera

Jeff Carlson | April 2, 2013
The iStabilizer Dolly is a compact, configurable device for taking smooth, stable tracking shots using an iPhone or small camera.

So how does the Dolly roll? The wheels, which look and feel like inline-skate wheels, roll smoothly and quietly, two requirements for this kind of accessory. In fact, my biggest criticism surrounding the Dolly is directed at myself: It takes practice to move the Dolly fluidly at a constant speed. (In Hollywood, dollies are usually large, mounted on rails, and pushed by skilled drivers.)

Bottom line

A bit of cinéma vérité-style camera shake is expected when you're capturing spontaneous video moments on an iPhone or iPod touch, or a compact camera, but that bouncy footage can also come off as amateurish, revealing that your little indie movie is actually being shot using a phone. The iStabilizer Dolly is a compact, configurable device for those times when you need smooth, stable tracking shots.


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