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Is the WEDG the answer to post-Snowden data paranoia? Its inventor remains hopeful

John E Dunn | July 30, 2014
The do-everything device that also encrypts and stores files.

It is a bewildering feature list and that might be the bit that some investors don't get. What is the WEDG? It's hard to pin down because it has been designed to do so many jobs.

What is isn't is a cloud service enabled through a box, although its designers are open to using it in a hybrid way to store, say, encrypted archives on Dropbox. The philosophy is resolutely almost unfashionably local because through that users retain control.

"The 90k is critical," admits Afzal who funded the whole project himself with developers doing a lot of work for nothing. "We don't have any angel investors."

Getting that money will allow the first generation of WEDG boxes to appear, proving the concept using off-the-shelf hardware. Beyond that, he believes that a custom board and design would allow the team to extend the WEDG's capabilities a lot further.

"Once we have gained the trust of the user base, we want to provide a service for encrypted backup in our own data centre," he adds.

Has the entrepreneur bitten off too much?

"Like many of us, when the Snowden report was published I felt instantly uneasy with the products that I had relied on and trusted with my digital privacy. That got me thinking that there has to be a better way to use the cloud and when I couldn't find a solution, I decided to build one myself," said Afzal in the official press release.

It's brave to attempt to design a complex product to solve Snowden-sized security worries, particularly without secure funding. The WEDG is also more of a platform than a simple box with features which makes it more intriguing than the conservative products from the huge storage vendors.

Whether it gets a Launchpad from Kickstarter remains to be seen but this is still one to watch.


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