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Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 about to become the coolest Android phone ever?

Jon Gold | Feb. 23, 2015
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is probably the most-hyped smartphone that is not manufactured by Apple.

The Galaxy S6 will also pack 3GB of RAM, feature 32GB of storage (expandable via SD card), and use the Mali-T760 graphics processor, according to information compiled by the estimable GSMArena.


The really good news, for Android purists, is that there's a lot of scuttlebutt to suggest that Samsung is taking a more hands-off approach to the operating system than it has in the past. The Galaxy S6 will likely run some variant of Android Lollipop, and the TouchWiz UI Samsung's own modifications to stock Android will have less of a presence, if the rumors are to be believed. Having had Lollipop on my daily driver for some time now, I can attest that this is a good thing.

Samsung Pay is another notable feature being bandied around the Internet's various mobile rumor mills. It's doubtless an attempt to compete with Apple Pay, because heaven knows that's taking the world by storm.


Rumors indicate that Samsung has gone characteristically big in this area, with a 20MP main shooter featuring optical image stabilization and, no doubt, a host of impressive features that few people will consistently use. The face camera will be 5MP and have 1080p video recording capability 2160p for the main unit according to GSMArena.


It's gonna be good, everyone seems to agree. The Verge even declined to mock Samsung's hype clips for the Galaxy S6, which is a positive change for a company that has produced embarrassingly overblown events like this one in the service of hyping the brand:

Heck, they're not even throwing a standalone event for it, choosing instead to launch at MWC. The impression, about a week before the official debut of the Galaxy S6, is that Samsung has learned some important lessons, and it'll be exciting to see how accurate that impression is.


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