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Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 about to become the coolest Android phone ever?

Jon Gold | Feb. 23, 2015
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is probably the most-hyped smartphone that is not manufactured by Apple.

Gauging what a smartphone is going to look like before its released is sort of like solving one of those toss-up puzzles on Wheel of Fortune the answer gets clearer the longer you wait.

And the Samsung Galaxy S6 probably the most-hyped smartphone being made by a company besides Apple is no exception. While its release at the upcoming Mobile World Congress may yet provide a surprise or two, it seems fairly obvious that the Galaxy S6 will be a slick, metallic powerhouse of a device.

So as the tech press prepares to act surprised at the March 1 roll-out in Barcelona, here's a broad overview of what we're expecting.

The basics

Well, for one thing, everyone's pretty convinced that Samsung is finally hopping onto the premium-construction bandwagon, leaving behind a legacy of flimsy-feeling, plasticky phones that it nevertheless defended stalwartly for a long time. The metal and glass vs. plastic debate appears to be more or less settled in favor of the former which is probably for the best, despite the fact that the materials themselves were never really the issue with Samsung's apparent switch to metal construction.

It will also either have one or two rounded screen edges, a la the Galaxy Note Edge, for additional coolness, say the rumor mongers.

The material design is really the biggest news, certainly, but it's far from all that is, if not known, generally suspected about the Galaxy S6. Built-in wireless charging, that works across multiple standards, said PCWorld, could also be in the cards, though the battery may actually be smaller than that of the earlier Galaxy S5, according to pics obtained by PhoneArena.

It's tough to imagine reasons for Samsung not to include a fingerprint scanner, though the tireless SamMobile blog suggests that the company may have come up with some improvements for:

The screen

The rumors have generally come to rest on a 5.1", QHD display, which is 2560x1440 pixels for those of you keeping score at home. That's good for a pixel density of 587 ppi, a substantial improvement on the already kind of excessive 432 ppi on the Galaxy S5. The smaller battery, combined with the additional pixels on the screen, have provoked some worries about battery life, but others note that the processor (more on that in a moment) is designed with plenty of energy saving features.


The latest Exynos 7420 (shown at the top of this story), manufactured in-house by Samsung, looks like it will power at least some of the Galaxy S6s sold around the world. Reports conflict, however, on whether the company will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 in some units, with rumors circulating of overheating issues in those chips.


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