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Is technology the cause of car crashes? Or the cure?

Mike Elgan | Nov. 4, 2013
Passing laws to minimise accidents caused by distracted drivers is a good idea. But let's not dump advanced technology prematurely just because we assume it's a distraction, says Mike Elgan.

Even more than that, they will probably be able to alert drivers to obstructions ahead and other hazards. Overall, they may reduce distractions and improve safety.

So let's all resist the urge to ban new distractions because they're new. Let's keep an open mind, and base laws on fact and reason, rather than bias and techno panic. It's very likely that drivers careless enough to be distracted are the root cause of accidents blamed on texting while driving.

The best solution would be to invent a better driver. (Google's working on that, too.) But in the meantime, let's consider the possibility of a better distraction.


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