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Is high-resolution audio really as good as it sounds?

Ian Paul | April 3, 2014
Singer-songwriter Neil Young is on a crusade to save recorded music with a new digital audio player called Pono aimed at offering so-called high-resolution digital audio. PonoMusic, the company behind the player, recently started a Kickstarter campaign, with the promise that a finished version will start shipping in October.

So what should you do to improve your audio experience? Experts say the best step you can take is invest in a pair of high-quality headphones or speakers.

As for your music files, FLAC recordings (whether 24/192 or CD quality 16/44.1) may well be worth it, and the Pono music store won't require you to own a Pono device to purchase music.

But there's no guarantee those high-priced digital tracks will be worth your time. Especially when you can often get the same quality at home by purchasing an audio CD and ripping it into a lossless format like the Apple Lossless Codec (ALAC) using iTunes.


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