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iPhone rumor rollup for the week ending May 9

John Cox | May 12, 2014
The iOSphere was rocked by iPhone 6 Sticker Shock, at about 10+ on the Richter scale, when one "report" this week predicted that the Next iPhone will cover its 5.44-inch display with a synthetic sapphire sheet that will boost the phone's unlocked price to $1,285.

In other words, nobody knows when Whatever-it-is actually will be announced or available.

iPhone 6 fingerprint sensors now shipping

Let's face it: this is hardly something to make one's pulse race. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor was introduced for the higher-end iPhone 5s last fall, but not for the lower-priced, plastic-bodied iPhone 5c. So the belief and expectation that iPhone 6 will keep Touch ID doesn't really rise to the level of yawnability.

But that didn't stop sites like MacRumors from declaring that, as Richard Padilla writes, "Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has reportedly provided the first batch of Touch ID fingerprint sensors to be used in the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3...."

OK, so Touch ID being extended to the iPads is different.

The iOSphere rumor amplification is based on the first origination at what Padilla describes as a "component information website" called and then, again, picked up by GForGames

The Rollup's Google Translate version of original Chinese: "News from Taiwan, said the industry, TSMC has begun in mid-April to provide fingerprint sensor assembly for Apple iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, the third generation iPad mini, back-end services outsourced to Xintec, Suzhou Jing Fang two semiconductor manufacturers. According to informed sources pointed out that mainland China, Suzhou Jing Fang semiconductors, TSMC has delivered the first batch of the product."

Give whatever credibility you want to "informed sources."

Mashable added what passes for "context" in the iOSphere. "A report in January noted that TSMC would begin production on the sensors sometime in the second quarter of this year with a new 12-inch fab processing method, however a report in February stated that TSMC would be using the same 8-inch fingerprint sensor processing method that was used for the iPhone 5s."

Wow. Apple is going to keep using the same 8-inch fab processing method!

Using TheRollup Translate service we come up with: "nobody knows what's going on."


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