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iPhone 6S release date, price, specs and new features: 25 September confirmed

Chris Martin | July 31, 2015
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are going strong but what will Apple bring to the table this year? Here's what we know about the iPhone 6S (or iPhone 7) release date, price, specs and new features.

iPhone 6S design

A lot of Apple users will be hoping for 32GB of storage as the smallest iPhone but it looks like it will remain at 16GB. The below image reportedly shows a 16GB Toshiba flash chip with a 19nm process. It seems that we'll get the choice of 64- and 128GB alongside this again.

However, the latest leak which supposedly has sources at iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, says the lowest capacity will be 32GB.

An S model sticks with the same screen size so we're probably looking at 4.7in and if there is an iPhone 6S Plus then it should remain at 5.5in. Resolutions are also likely to stay the same although one rumour suggests the new iPhone will have a 5in display with a 400ppi and what about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge rivalling concept below by Michael Shanks?

So what will change?

If the design of the iPhone 6S remains the same, then Apple will provide upgrades in the form of new hardware. There are various rumours floating around, the most obvious of which, is of a new processor. The iPhone 6S will come with an A9 chip and could also get an upgrade in the RAM department to 2GB.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner could be integrated into the display, according to one rumour, rather than sitting in the home button. But the most interesting rumour about the display, and more likely, is that it could feature Force Touch which has made its debut on the Apple Watch and new MacBook. The technology means the screen can tell between a tap and a press opening up various opportunities. As mentioned at the top of the page, sources say this is confirmed for the new iPhone models.

The possible addition of Force Touch has been confirmed, according to Bloomberg's sources. The report also states that the new iPhone models will keep the 4.7- and 5.5in screen size options.

There are also reports from the WSJ that the iPhone 6S (possibly only the 6S Plus according to conflicting rumours) will support Force Touch. The source is apparently an Apple supplier, so it's best to take this with a pinch of salt - Apple often tests technologies using suppliers that never make it into the final product, so this may also be the case with Force Touch.

We thought the cameras would almost certainly be upgraded, although we're not sure a rumoured 21Mp rear camera is probable and the latest rumours suggest a jump to a 12Mp sensor. The iOS 9 code suggests the front camera will be able to record 1080p video at 60fps, record 240fps slow motion and support a flash.


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