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iPhone 6: The little things make it a real star

Galen Gruman | Sept. 23, 2014
The iPhone 6 is the first major redesign of the Apple iPhone since 2010's iPhone 4. The design is new, with the aluminum side band gone and the glass and aluminum halves directly welded for a sleeker, less-industrial look. The iPhone 6 is also bigger, a long-desired improvement in screen real estate. That's normal change in the smartphone world.

Samsung has derisively congratulated Apple for the new iPhone models, saying "Welcome to 2012." It's true that the iPhone 5 series was too small at 4 inches, and most iPhone users have jealously regarded those bigger competitors. But the iPhone 6 is a much better smartphone than the competitors' offerings. Much of that is because iOS 8 is a vastly superior operating system to Android 4.4 KitKat, and Apple's customizations of iOS 8 for the new phones is smarter and more sophisticated in most cases than what Android smartphone makers have done.

No one can match Apple when it comes to the total package once Apple commits to that total package. Although a good smartphone, the iPhone 5s was clearly an interim product. The iPhone 6 is the total package and a great smartphone.


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