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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Sept. 20

John Cox | Sept. 23, 2013
Sapphire gleaming, Big Things, solar secrets, NFC angst.

iPhone 6 needs to have four really Big Things

Just in case Apple hasn't figured out what its fan expect for iPhone 6, Tyler McCarthy at, explains it to Cupertino in a post headlined, "iPhone 6 Rumors: 4 Biggest Things Fans Expect for Apple's Next Smartphone.

Fans expect a larger display, because of the "growing trend of smartphones leaning toward bigger, phablet-sized, displays." McCarthy reminds us of a Reuters story "a few weeks back" that said Apple was testing a 5.7-inch phone display (they've been testing various sizes for years). "[I]t's not surprising that Apple would try and look into the technology," he says.

Fans expect water and dust resistance. "This one seems like a no-brainer," McCarthy says, perhaps optimistically. He seems to think that the Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active, with its water- and dust-resistant features, "has provided more rugged people with the option to keep a smartphone on them at all times." Apple clearly needs to reach out to the under-served More Rugged People segment.

Fans also expect an Infrared Blaster on iPhone 6 to operate Apple TV, just like the one in Galaxy S4. Keep in mind that this is No.3 on McCarthy's list of the four "biggest" features that iPhone fans want.

Finally, fans want a 128GB iPhone model. This is all the more urgent, McCarthy claims, because Apple introduced Touch ID in iPhone 5S. "With the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, Apple is encouraging people to keep more information on their smartphone now that it is supposedly safe," McCarthy explains. "With that [new feature,] users would likely benefit from the extra storage space now that they can think of it as secure."

Color us under-whelmed. Plenty of people still insist Apple must, simply must, release an iPhone with a bigger-than-4-inch-screen, but "they" also insisted Apple must, simply must release a really cheap iPhone. And look what we got.

iPhone 6 will have solar charging

Although," Michael Nace, editor of iPhone6NewsBlog, tells his readers that, apparently, it is.

"The first in what will most likely be a long line of rumors related to the iPhone 6 claims that Apple will make good on several patents related to solar recharging for the iPhone," announces Michael Nace, at his iPhone6NewsBlog. 

And then his next sentence says that, actually, "the notion of a solar charging feature on an iPhone is nothing new." It joins the long line of rumored power sources, including fuel cells and curved batteries. We're holding out for the miniaturized fusion reactor.

Nace says there are "plenty of third-party options" if you want to recharge your iPhone battery using solar radiation. There's one little problem, though. "None of these products, however, are considered to be viable enough to foster mainstream appeal, and for the most part, solar charging arrays for the iPhone tend to be used more as emergency, last-ditch-effort features for giving just a bit of juice to a dead iPhone," he says.


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