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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Nov. 9

John Cox | Nov. 12, 2012
The U.S. presidential election hangover seems to have had a dampening effect on iOSphere rumors for iPhone 6.

But that still doesn't give us a sense of what "threat scenarios" actually are. "According to the application, theft conditions are likely to involve large-scale movements, like carrying the device in one's hand, which generate low frequency acceleration signals," Campbell writes.

If "carrying the device in one's hand" constitutes a threat scenario, we're going to be aurally smothered in wailing iPhones and iPads. That's why these are called "hand-held devices," after all. Perhaps a large-scale movement would be tearing an iPhone from someone's grip and jumping up and down waving it around as you run down the street shouting, "It's mine, mine, mine, MINE!"

"If a theft condition is detected, the user has a set amount of time to enter a numeric or alphanumeric passcode to disarm the anti-theft system before the alarm sounds," writes Campbell.

That sounds reassuring. Until one contemplates all the many ways in which that simple process could go so terribly wrong.

iPhone Informer's William Usher crosses the i's and dots the t's. "[It] could be possible to see the anti-theft alert available in newer handsets such as the iPhone 6 perhaps," he writes. 



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