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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending May 3

John Cox | May 6, 2013
De-glitzing iOS, curvobsession, Peter the Great, 20-nanometer magic

But in software development, as in an airline flight, being "behind schedule" doesn't necessarily mean "being late."

"Engineers are racing to finish iOS 7 ... in time for a June preview at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference," Satariano writes. You can meet a deadline by working faster and by using more people to do the work. There have been several reports that Apple has shifted OS X software engineers to iOS.

"While the company still expects to release iOS 7 on time as soon as September, internal deadlines for submitting features for testing are being set later than past releases, people said."

So Satariano's sources tell him that iOS 7, even if parts of it are "behind schedule" now, is still on schedule for a September 2013 release; shifting deadlines and adjusting schedules is a standard part of managing a complex software development process, or any product development.

And the September date fits perfectly with Tim Cook's recent statement that Apple will begin announcing new hardware, software and services in the fall of 2013. [See "Apple's Cook resets 3 popular, and wrong, Apple rumors"] 

If Apple can marry an improved UI design with some important under-the-hood OS improvements, iOS 7 could prove to be a big step forward for Apple. In that same Branch conversation mentioned above, Federico Viticci (@viticci), editor in chief of MacStoriesNet, laid out some areas where Apple could make big improvements.

"Aside from a UI update, Apple should use WWDC [the annual Worldwide Developers Conference this June] to introduce AND explain new functionality," Viticci wrote. "Fix iCloud and improve its syncing. Showcase examples on stage. Improve iOS inter-app communication and explain it publicly. Admit that some things sucked/sucks (Maps debacle, international Siri) and lay out new plans. More than a 5S [phone announcement], I think new iOS announcement can make a lot of people excited and curious again. Aside from that, some things just need to be fixed or improved."

iPhone 6 will have awesomely cool curved batteries

This is revealed by two newly public Apple patent applications, which according to the iOSphere Inference Engine means that these will become a reality in the Next iDevice.

Peter Chubb, at a website with the search-engine optimized title of "Product Reviews," managed to mention two hot Next Products in one headline: "iPhone 6 or iWatch could share ingenious battery design."

The patents don't mention "iPhone 6," of course, or the mythical iWatch. And it may take years, if ever, to turn them into products, and yadda yadda yadda.

Most iOSpherites didn't fall into that fallacy. But they also generally didn't distinguish between the two patents. One is for "non-rectangular batteries for portable electronic devices," which simply means the battery isn't, you know, a rectangle and may actually be for a method of creating the non-rectangularity. The second patent "relate[s] to the manufacture of a battery cell," and seems, in a sense, to extend the first patent, describing a technique for bending the "layers" comprising the battery into a curve.


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