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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending March 21

John Cox | March 24, 2014
There was a strong theme of self-congratulation in this week's iOSphere rumors about the iPhone 6: we already "know" so much about this phone, and of course about Apple's plans. Or at least about what Apple should be doing.

But apart from Jones' dire predictions, there's no real evidence that Apple is, or should be, in a panic about "losing customers" and is rushing to introduce its products sooner than planned.

iPhone 6 production is getting ready to get ready to get started

Taiwan-based Pegatron "is gearing up to start mass-producing the next-generation iPhone," according to Mike Beasley at 9to5Mac

He, and many others, are basing this on a translation of a Chinese-language post at "The Commercial Times." You can find that post here, which won't do you much good unless you read Chinese. But there is Google Translate, which as always a mixed blessing.

According to The Rollup's copy/paste results with Google, here's the start of the story: "Apple iPhone 6 is expected to show up in the second half, it is understood, and Master ( 4938 ) won the part of the iPhone 6 orders for the expansion of production capacity, and the newly established Master Kunshan "Shi Shuo" is now finishing factory, recruiting staff, is expected to 3rd season starts running."

That qualifies as a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma," to quote Winston Churchill but the Main Point is clear, right? Some factory, probably a really big one, is going to pretty soon starts running and crank out the Next iPhone.

"Currently not much is known about the so-called iPhone 6 aside from a few details about its display, which is said to be made of sapphire (possibly at Apple's new Mesa, Ariz., plant) and will be bigger than the current iPhone display," Beasley writes, in a sentence that manages to be both understatement and overstatement at the same time. We know almost nothing about the iPhone 6, including the rumored sapphire glass cover and the rumored display size.

But whatever it will be, according to The Commercial Times, "For the second half of iPhone 6 to prepare for the production, Shi Shuo has begun hiring is expected to recruit thousands of workers will be trained to go to Shanghai Chang-seok, the second quarter is expected to formally put into production in the third quarter volume."

Without knowing more about Apple's supply chain in general and Pegatron's manufacturing for Apple, it's problematic drawing definite conclusions from this sketchy report. At some point, the assembly lines have to start, possibly with an initially low output, and then scale upward to meet Apple's inventory targets for whenever the new phone, or phones, go on sale. Is that a one-quarter process? Or longer?

iPhone 6 delayed because Apple released a cheaper iPhone 5c

One more reason to hate the iPhone 5c.

Apple's announced this week a new version of iPhone 5, with a lower price tag because it has less memory (8GB). Because of that desperate move to shore up a manifestly failed product, Apple has to delay releasing the iPhone 6.


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