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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending March 21

John Cox | March 24, 2014
There was a strong theme of self-congratulation in this week's iOSphere rumors about the iPhone 6: we already "know" so much about this phone, and of course about Apple's plans. Or at least about what Apple should be doing.

Let's take just one illustrative example: battery life. Piltch's critique of the non-existent iPhone 6's non-existent battery life is based on LaptopMag's own battery test of the iPhone 5s. Wehner's comment on this claim applies to all of Piltch's claims: "I'd like to just remind everyone that of all the things we don't know about the iPhone 6, the battery is a complete and total mystery. Stating you'll be disappointed by the iPhone 6 battery is like saying that riding in a flying saucer is boring. Let me know when you've done it and we'll re-examine the argument."

The life of a mobile battery depends on a whole range of variables, not just the size or capacity of the battery itself. Partly for this reason, tech sites such as have developed multiple tests that measure battery impact of different phone functions, trying to create a more holistic view of power use. AnandTech's review of the iPhone 5s found that its battery life  improved over the iPhone 5 in some areas, and lagged in others. That was true also for the recent iPhone models in comparison to rival smartphones sometimes iPhone ranked high, sometimes lower, sometimes in the middle of the pack.

Apple addresses power demand comprehensively, for example tuning its processor and other components to work as quickly as possible and then drop as quickly as possible to a much lower power state. One can argue that rival smartphones have bigger batteries than the 5s because they're so inefficient in their power use that they need bigger batteries.

As Wehner notes, none of these allegedly striking defects have stopped tens of millions of consumers from buying the iPhone, including a record number, over 50 million, in the Oct-Dec 2013 quarter.

iPhone 6 will be released ASAP because Apple is losing customers

Apple can't wait until September to release the iPhone 6. It must do it soon, like ASAP soon. Otherwise, you know, Apple is doomed.

This refrain surfaced this week in places like Valuewalk, where Aman Jain's blogpost noted that some analysts are still predictably predicting that Apple will wait until September. "However, a report from Forbes by Chuck Jones believes that Apple should come out with the iPhone 6 ASAP," he says.

That makes it sound like Jones is an experienced reporter for Forbes, with legions of fact-checkers, proofreaders and of course even more experienced editors to work and consult with on a path breaking story.

In fact, Jones is a "contributor" to Forbes: he's one of numerous self-motivated bloggers that Forbes allows to post their opinions. As he makes clear at the start of his blogpost, he's also an investor with a position in Apple stock and the founder of  Sand Hill Insights, "which provides research of new technologies and their solutions," according to his Twitter profile. He lists his website as but that URL didn't work when The Rollup tried it.


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