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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending June 7

John Cox | June 11, 2013
Apple iPhone 6 rumors include: A plethora of dates, the big screen, and two at once.

But the only iPhone-related Whitmore excerpt that Mariano cites in her post refers to "iPhone" in the singular. Here it is: "Our checks indicate orders for the new iPhone are starting now for longer lead-time components. Specifically, we believe Apple is currently placing component orders for iPhone volume manufacturing to ramp in the August timeframe, suggesting they're on pace for a late September launch."

Phrases like "indicate" and "we believe" and "suggesting" are not confidence-builders. picked up on the IBT post, and what Whitmore is supposed to have said, in order to dismiss it.

"With Apple CEO Tim Cook letting on that no new products will be launched before fall, the September estimation by Whitmore for the iPhone refresh seems a plausible one," writes Anu Passary, letting on that apparently it's OK to take Tim Cook at his word. "However, would Apple launch both iPhone 5S as well as iPhone 6 at the same time? Of course not."

"An iPhone 5S/6 (possibly iPhone 5S, if Apple continues with its iPhone naming convention) and a low cost/entry level iPhone maybe, but definitely not iPhone 5S and iPhone 6," Passary declares.

Whether Whitmore actually said that may be a bit murky to the iOSphere, but he did say almost the same thing two years ago. Philip Elmer-DeWitt, writing the Apple 2.0 blog at Fortune, posted a summary on June 6, 2007 of a Whitmore Note to Investors. "In a note issued early Monday, Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore is telling clients to expect both — an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S," wrote Elmer-DeWitt.

Whitmore anticipated that Apple would attack the mid-range smartphone market, especially overseas, with a modestly priced "iPhone 4S" model, while offering at the same time the follow-on premium smartphone, "iPhone 5."

We know how that turned out: Apple announced the Next iPhone, just one of them, the iPhone 4S.

But the speculation will not die.


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