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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 6

John Cox | July 10, 2013
Two-sided displays, glossy and cheap, processor power.

The phrase "if a patent application is to be believed" is odd to say the least. Does Moore think Apple creates a dummy U.S. government patent application? Or submits a real application for a fake invention?

Since at least last fall, there have been multiple Apple patent applications for a variety of screen technologies: flexible, curved, pressable,'s a wonder Apple doesn't synthesize them into a display with the properties of natural rubber: a large stretch ratio, high resilience, and extremely waterproof.

There is for example, TheUnwiredView's September 2012 posting on an Apple patent application for flexible screens combined with "an array of piezoelectric actuators below the display and activating them on demand for tactile feedback. This way you have a perfectly smooth surface when you browse the net or read your e-mail. Call up a keyboard, actuators pop up and now you can feel the letters as you type."


+ March 28, 2013 PatentlyApple post, "Stunning Future iPhone with Wraparound Display Revealed." Complete with a drawing of the stunning device itself.

+ May 21, 2013 post at the same website, regarding a "Double-Sided Touch Panel for iPhone." And nine days later, PatentlyApple posts about "Apple reveals new Flex Screen Feature with Force Detection."

+ In March 2013, there was even news of a Microsoft patent application for a "two-sided smartphone display system."

Moore never says from which source this latest rumor springs. And he doesn't spend a lot of time contemplating the Endless Possibilities. He concentrates on just one.

"The rear surface of the iPhone and similar devices has long been wasted space, necessary simply to complete the housing but offering no features beyond the rear camera lens," he observes. "Doubling the screen to wrap around to the back of the iPhone 6 would open up a world of possibilities, allowing the entire touchscreen interface to be reimagined."

Is a World of Possibilities the same or less than Endless Possibilities? Whichever, it's a still a pretty short post overall given that the Possibilities are, you know, a lot.

Moore does make one interesting point from a user interface perspective, and it's the only point worth any attention. "The question would become, of course, whether consumers would be inclined to flip the device back and forth in their hand to take advantage of both sides of the screen," he writes. "But it would allow for full screen video to play on one side of the device, for instance, while text messages and notifications arrive on the other side. Simply pausing the video and flipping the iPhone 6 over could be seen as more intuitive than having to exit the video or work over top of it to interact with notifications and messages in the current single-screen motif."


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