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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 6

John Cox | July 10, 2013
Two-sided displays, glossy and cheap, processor power.

The extended July 4 holiday put a bit of crimp in iPhone rumoring (and delayed this Rollup) but not before the iOSphere figured out a way for Apple to double the size of the iPhone screen without making the phone any bigger.

"Just" add a second screen to the back.

Also this week: glossy iPhone bodies not only signal "cheap," they look it. And following a signed deal with a Taiwan semiconductor alternative to Samsung, the iOSphere is already anticipating the A8 microprocessor in 2014, even though there's still no sign of the A7.

"The rear surface of the iPhone and similar devices has long been wasted space, necessary simply to complete the housing but offering no features beyond the rear camera lens. Doubling the screen to wrap around to the back of the iPhone 6 would open up a world of possibilities, allowing the entire touchscreen interface to be reimagined."  ~ Phil Moore, StableyTimes, without apparently wondering whether millions and millions of iPhone users would embrace the reimagining of the entire touchscreen interface when they're pretty happy with the one they have.

 iPhone 6 will have a curved and two-sided display
The Fourth Law of Rumoring holds that the shallower the rumor the more convoluted is its genesis.

Phil Moore, at ("a new kind of news" and how), asks the obvious question, in a post with the misleading headline "iPhone 6 will have a curved and two-sided display."

It's misleading because Apple doesn't file "iPhone 6" patents. It files patents for inventions that might one day appear on a smartphone ... or on a tablet, or a laptop. But none of the patent filings that the iOSphere has actually covered has been for a specific model iPhone.

The Obvious Question is: "If you're Apple and you've already delivered an iPhone whose screen is as dense as the human eye can see, how do you top it?"

And Moore has an answer. "By delivering an iPhone 6 whose screen wraps around to both sides of the device, if a patent application for a flexible display is to be believed," he writes. "The filing calls for a curved body style most similar to the mid generation iPod nano, where the entire front and rear faces are contoured to meet each other at the edges, with no siding. The result is a screen that's twice as large, and a world of possibilities."

A "world of possibilities." That means you can make up almost anything. Because, you know, almost anything is possible.

One would think that Moore, or someone at StableyTimes would put in a link to the relevant patent or at least to some other website that covered the patent. But one would be wrong.


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