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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 18

John Cox | July 21, 2014
Apple iPhone 6 scuttlebutt includes: Delay by bottleneck(s), or not, happy haptics, battery woes.

"In-cell" refers to a display technology in which the touch digitizer is "integrated into the LCD-TFT gating itself, and thus into the cells of each pixel, rather than as a discrete layer atop the stack after color filters," as Brian Klug explained in AnnandTech's review of the iPhone 5, the first iPhone to make use of in-cell. It let Apple make the entire display assembly thinner, minimize back reflections (caused by multiple layers in the assembly), and as a result make the display about 10 percent brighter without having to boost power. Apple seems to be continuing with in-cell; or at least there have not been any indications, including rumors, that show a major shift in its display technology.

Mahai Matei, GForGames, who has convinced himself, along with pretty much every Apple fan in China, that a rumored increase in the milli-ampere rating for iPhone 6 — to 1,800 mAh from 1570 mAh — is actually a step backward because it won't be enough, even though mAh is an incomplete metric in understanding how the battery will actually perform.

What's missing from Kuo's note is any sense of his sources, and hence any sense of how reliable his information is, and any timeline. It may be that at some point in development there were indeed problems with touch sensitivity. The question is whether that's actually a problem at this point.

iPhone 6 including the 5.5-inch model ready to start mass production
Fortunately, Reuters (via BusinessInsider) now is repeating a counter-rumor that Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., aka Foxconn, will start mass production of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 during the third week of July, and of the 5.5-inch model during the second week of August.

Reuters lifted that from a post at Taiwan's Economic Daily News, which didn't say where it got the "information."

Since that isn't a whole lot, even for an Internet post, Reuters threw in a sentence about a "separate report" that Foxconn plans to hire 100,000 new worker bees for its "mainland facilities" to "meet future demand" for the phone. Without a trace of irony, Reuters said this information was in a post from "a China state-run news service," based on comments by the chief of the Henan Provincial Commerce Department.

iPhone 6 will have haptics technology which is, like, awesome
A Chinese website with a confused post (at least in Google translation) about Apple possibly developing haptics technology for the iPhone has created a renewed swoon in the iOSphere.

Mihai Matei, at GForGames, interprets the English translation as: "Recently, the Chinese media has reported that one of the iPhone 6's secret weapons might be the introduction of a new haptic feedback technology. According to sources, the new tactile feedback linear motor is more intelligent and capable of producing different types of subtle vibrations in correlation with the application's scenario. It can even emit different vibrations depending on the area of the touch screen that is being pressed."


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