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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending January 31

John Cox | Feb. 4, 2014
There's nothing like a document, with quotable information, to get the iOSphere's juices and rumors flowing. One document that surfaced this week fueled anew rumors that the iPhone 6 will have the almost scratch-proof synthetic sapphire screen.

IBT's Ronamai cites a Note To Investors from JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who argues that the deal will "consolidate the fragmented Android smartphone arena" by, you know, adding that barely-one-percent share to Lenovo's. And that consolidation is "limiting Apple's ability to woo Android users who are unhappy with the current cheap and lower-quality devices, reported CNET."

"If this trend takes place, Apple may be affected as its products are priced on the higher end," Ronamai writes. "The availability of high-end smartphones at a reasonable price from companies like Samsung and Lenovo may force Apple Inc. to lower the price tag of its products."

All the if's, could's, and may's add up to a kind of black hole of iOSpherian rumor. Lenovo's purchase of Motorola has little effect on the overall dynamics of the smartphone market. After years of imitative innovation from Android smartphones, it's only been relatively recently that high-end phones comparable to iPhone have started to prove themselves in the market. And yet Apple has not responded by cutting prices and it's highly unlikely that it will in future.

Apple is not competing, and never has, on price.

iPhone 6 will have pressure-sensitive touchscreen
AppleInsider's Mikey Campbell picked up on a newly-published Apple patent application to add pressure sensitive sensors under the display's surface. One idea is to have the sensors under the masked-out edge of the iPhone, or iPad, screen.

Pressing with varying degrees of force "can be translated into a secondary mode of input," Campbell noted.

The patent application document is available online.

Campbell's description of the invention suggests it may be used to make multi-touch gestures more accurate: for example, enabling the display system to accurately know that a swiping gesture is originating from a particular location on the edge of the device screen.

Another use is analogous to the "palm rejection" technology currently in use for iOS devices. The patent application describes one example that "illustrates a user resting their thumb on one portion of a display while interacting with the UI via another finger. Without force sensor tech, the GUI would recognize the motion as a multitouch event rather than reject the inadvertent thumb touch," Campbell explains.

As usual, Campbell avoids the idiotic conclusion that any given patent will make it into the next iPhone just a few months away. ValueWalk, International Business Times, and some others weren't so circumspect.

Again, there is no indication whatever that this will appear in iPhone 6. Or iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. So, don't hold your breath.

iPhone 6 will have interchangeable camera lenses
Campbell also posted on two other recently published Apple patents that show a way to snap on an array of advanced lenses and other components to the iPhone's existing optical system. This is somewhat analogous to using interchangeable lenses on a digital single-lens reflex camera.


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