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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 24

John Cox | Jan. 27, 2014
Picture a cow chewing its cud. Then picture it chewing its cud while on amphetamines, and you get an idea of the iOSphere during the past week.

"It was only September last year when both the iPhone 5s & 5c got launched and prices for both devices have been going down the charts ever since," she declares. "Today, both the iPhone 5s & 5c are relatively affordable and consumers can get them for a steal."

One doesn't usually find "relatively affordable" equated with "a steal." Relatively affordable means that something is...well, relatively affordable. A steal is something you get for nothing, or almost nothing.

"Walmart is selling away the iPhone 5c for just $27 instead of $99," Walken says. "This deal is only applicable with a two-year contract."

Walken seems to be referring to the limited-time offer that Walmart launched in December. On Walmart's online site, if you search selecting "iOS," you can't find any iPhone today (Jan. 24) with a pricetag that remotely resembles $27. Or even $99.

"It isn't just with Walmarts," Walken assures her readers. "Other retailers like BestBuy and Mac Mall are into it as well. The latter has the best offer for the iPhone 5S. The 32GB is going away for a mere $120 whereas the 16GB variants have a price tag of $20."

Searching MacMall for "iPhone 5S" brings up results that show the cheapest iPhone 5S is a 16GB model, for $99, with a two-year Verizon Wireless Contract. At Best Buy, the same search shows the 16GB iPhone 5S being offered by AT&T Wireless, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless all with a two-year contract — for $150, a discount of about $50 from the regular, standard price.

"It is not like these retailers are putting up offers at their own free will," Walken asserts. "Apple is known to control the pricing of its product. Despite that fact, it is a wonder why the phone-vendor is gradually decreasing the prices of these devices."

It's a wonder all right. And she has an answer to the wonderment. "Tech-savvy forums have been hinting that there will be an early iPhone 6 launch," Walken says. "This could be why Apple is giving away the iPhone 5S and 5C for a bargain."

Perhaps the wailing of the early release siren is making it hard for Walken to think clearly. When one thinks of Apple, the word "bargain" isn't the first word that comes to mind. From what The Rollup recalls, the carriers and retailers buy their iPhones from Apple, which gets the money a lot of money - upfront.

For the carriers, there is a powerful "iPhone Network Effect" subscribers with iPhones apparently do a lot more web surfing and other activities that consume data, and the carriers sell data plans. The more data that subscribers use, the more likely they are to want a data plan with a higher cap. The iPhone Network Effect is plenty of incentive to offer a range of promotions and discounts, all year long, to entice new phone users or upgraders.


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