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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending August 16

John Cox | Aug. 19, 2013
As the days shorten, so does the iOSphere's patience. But we may only have to wait 23 days before our agony is over and the Next iPhone is revealed.

There you have it: straight from a Taiwanese singer, actor, professional race car driver, and entrepreneur. And you can check one of his music videos.

iPhone 5S/6 flex cables "hint at fingerprint scanner"
As is often the case in the iOSphere, the headline promises more than the blogpost actually delivers.

The headline at USwitch: "Exclusive: iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 flex cables leak, hint at fingerprint scanner." 

According to USwitch's Jonathan Leggett, the UK-based device repair service sent a set of low-resolutions images of parts purportedly from the iPhone 5S or 6.

There's no significant or at least noticeable changes in most of the parts compared to their corresponding parts in the iPhone 5, according to Leggett, though there's no indication that he has the technical background to actually understand what he's looking at.

The one that does show a difference is the "flex cable for the home button."

"This features a much longer connector to the motherboard than before that could mean that the button is being used to transmit data," Leggett says. Here's the picture of the "new" flex cable for the iPhone home button. Sure enough, there's a long cable.

And that could indeed mean Something.

"With that in mind, it's not a massive stretch to imagine that the home button could indeed house the fingerprint scanner that tech-site rumours suggest will be on board the handset," Leggett concludes. "And that's also tipped to feature on future iPads and Apple's debut smartwatch. "

This reminds the rollup of the year-ago iOSphere thrill that "leaked" components showed that Apple was adding an NFC chip to the upcoming iPhone 5, until someone who actually knew something about components, and smartphones, pointed out that the component in question could in no way be a NFC chip and was probably the "new touch and display controller combination" to support the iPhone 5's expected new in-cell display technology.

The Rollup isn't a component expert either. But if you're expecting to see a fingerprint sensor integrated with the home button, then any change to any related component becomes "proof" of your expectation. Leggett would be on stronger ground if he could actually explain why the longer cable is needed to "carry data" and why it has to be longer to do so.


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