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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending August 16

John Cox | Aug. 19, 2013
As the days shorten, so does the iOSphere's patience. But we may only have to wait 23 days before our agony is over and the Next iPhone is revealed.

The analyst is Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI, who predicts that the upcoming iPhone 5S will have a new system-on-chip that will use ARM Ltd.'s latest instruction set, faster memory, and be 20% more "efficient" than the A6.

Kuo's note to investors this week was picked by a range of tech sites, including AppleInsider.The A6 was the first Apple SOC to have Apple-designed custom cores, an architecture dubbed Swift, rather than using cores designed by ARM. From AppleInsider: "Kuo believes Apple's upcoming A-series silicon to be based on the latest ARMv8 architecture. In comparison, the A6 was built on a custom ARMv7 setup that doubled number crunching and graphics speeds, while shrinking die size by 22 percent."

He expects that the new SOC will include faster memory, LPDDR3 RAM, compared to the LPDDR2 in the A6. "The increased bandwidth will allow Apple to maintain a relatively small amount of dedicated memory" though "Kuo expects the A7 to carry the same 1GB of on-die RAM" as the A6.

Currently Apple's chips are 32-bit. "Kuo notes that there is no clear evidence indicating whether the A7 will support 32-bit or 64-bit processes, but says he would not be surprised' to see 64-bit support this year."

Which is what stock analysts say instead of "I have no clue."

iPhone 5S revealed by Jimmy Lin
Unless you're a fan of 90's Taiwanese pop music or international car racing, or have a short memory, your reaction is probably the same as The Rollup's: who the heck is Jimmy Lin?

He is, according to both CNET and the rather gushing Wikipedia entry, a Taiwanese singer, actor, professional race crr driver, and entrepreneur. But his real claim to fame for the iOSphere is that he gets his hands on Apple products before they're announced. Last September, shortly before the iPhone 5 announcement, he posted pictures of himself using the phone, and listed a range of its features.

This week, CNET Asia found Lin's Weibo post that shows two photos of what appear to be a plastic "iPhone 5C."

"If you have any doubts about the veracity of the iPhone 5C, well, put those doubts to rest," CNET's Aloysius Low confidently assured readers. "Former teen Mandopop idol and current race car driver Jimmy Lin has leaked it on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo.

One photo has Lin holding up the phone, showing the back. Another compares the white plastic 5C with a white iPhone 5.

The latter picture shows the plastic phone having, overall, the same size as the iPhone 5, possibly a bit thicker. The body has rounded edges rather than the flat metal banded sides of the most recent high-end phone models.


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