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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Aug. 1

John Cox | Aug. 5, 2014
Just in time for trick or treat 2014, the iPhone 6 actually will be available in October, a somewhat skeptical iOSphere learned this week. Because it will be announced nearly a full month earlier, in September, we can just savor the pending release over the subsequent weeks.

iPhone 6 will have rear light-up Apple logo for notifications

It doesn't get more awesome than this. Uswitch's Jonathan Leggett reveals that "exclusive photos of a market-ready version of the phone's rear housing," courtesy of Australian Professional Leaker Sonny Dickson, "could offer conclusive proof" that iPhone 6 will have a rear-casing Apple logo that lights up when you have notifications.

Jonathan Leggett,, explaining how a rumored Glowing Logo on the back of the iPhone 6 is an advance in user notifications over the tones, vibrations, and text alerts on the front of the iPhone 6, thereby ""allowing owners to put their handset on its front and still be made aware of people contacting them."

A different style of logo on the rear casing has been rumored for months. And here's the Uswitch photo, showing the interior of the back casing, with that blobby thing in the middle being "part of a plastic panel that's inserted in a recessed part of the interior of the rear housing and peeks through the hole."

"Tellingly, the plastic part looks to have been made thin enough that light can easily shine through to alert you to updates and other important messages," Leggett explains.

Just...uh, whoa. Let's think about this.

I've got my iPhone 6 in my jeans pocket and the logo starts glowing because I have a notification. But I can't tell's inside a jeans pocket. Or a purse. Or a sports coat pocket. Or a manbag.

But I don't always have my iPhone 6 in something, right? Sometimes I have it in front of me, on a tabletop or desk or Starbucks counter or a beach blanket. Whatever. But usually, it seems most people have the phone with the display facing up because, you know, they want to see the front of the phone, not the back, because the display, which is what you actually use, is on...the front.

So if the phone is on its back, and the logo on the back lights up, I wouldn't be able to see it, anyway. Maybe Apple will provide tones and vibrations that alert you to the fact that the Glow Logo is alerting you. So you can ignore the notifications on the front display, turn the phone over, see the glowing logo, realize you have an alert, turn the phone back over and see the alert notification there, and tap it. That makes perfect sense.

Perhaps the Glow Logo will trigger new iPhone behaviors? That seems to be what Leggett thinks. The Glow Logo is "allowing owners to put their handset on its front and still be made aware of people contacting them," he concludes.


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