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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 4

John Cox | April 7, 2014
In the iOSphere, this whole week seems like one long April Fool's Joke.

GFG posted a series of images copied from the original post on the Chinese website Weibo. The latest iPhone 6 leaks claim to show the real thing, or at least a prototype. And if this is legit, it looks like the rumor about the protruding camera was right on the money. Take a look.

And if you do, here's what you see. 

You see the back of a smartphone. But you're seeing it on a computer monitor. The actual image could be a photograph. Or it could another Martin Hajek "rendering."  How can anyone know?

"Allegedly, the above pics are coming straight from a Foxconn insider, and as you can see, both the live pics and the phone's sketch are indicating that Apple is at least testing a model with a protruding camera."

And if you do take a look, here's what you see

You see the back of a smartphone. But you're seeing it on a computer monitor, possibly a laptop screen.

Let's think about this. GFG is showing us what claims to be a photograph, of a computer screen, which is displaying another image, which may be a photo or, if Martin Hajek simply had a busy week, another rendering, of what could be the "real thing" or "at least a prototype."  GFG seems to overlook the fact that prototypes are real, too. Unless they are, you know, fakes.

But despite there being so much less to this than meets the eye, it is, momentarily, a thrill...comparable to realizing the wall you painted has dried.  

iPhone 6 big screens start production in May

Can you hear it? That electronic hum rising slowly like a choir of angels in an ecstatic exultant hymn to innovation. Yes: it's the Asian assembly lines warming up to begin "mass producing displays as early as May for the next iPhone," according to a Thomson Reuters story

First up they will be turning out the 4.7-inch screen for the first iPhone-to-be-bigger-than-four-inches. But the even bigger 5.5-inch display, "could be delayed." This is all from anonymous "supply chain sources...who asked not to be indentified," according to Reuters.

Reuters considers the larger-screen models "yet another incremental tweak...[in] an attempt to catch up to rivals like Samsung Electronics."

"Both iPhone 6 screens are expected to use in-cell touch panel technology," Reuters says, which is a conventional prediction. Apple is one of the few smartphone makers using in-cell touch, "which really is a fancy way of saying that the digitizer is then integrated into the LCD-TFT gating itself, and thus into the cells of each pixel, rather than as a discrete layer atop the stack after color filters," according to AnandTech's Brian Klug, in his analysis of the iPhone 5, which was the first Apple phone to make use of it. That integration makes for a thinner screen, with greater light transmission because it reduces internal reflections.


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