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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 4

John Cox | April 7, 2014
In the iOSphere, this whole week seems like one long April Fool's Joke.

In the iOSphere, this whole week seems like one long April Fool's Joke.

A set of illustrations based on sketches from an anonymous Asian multiplied through the iOSphere at broadband speeds, revealing what the iPhone 6 big-screen models will look like. And another set of iPhone 6 photos, this time of images on a computer screen, achieved a new height, or possibly depth, of meta-ness.

Also this week, the iOSphere took hope in unfounded reports that display makers are starting up production of Big Screens for iPhones next month; and in the apparent stupidity or carelessness or both of an Apple display partner who revealed a new higher-resolution screen that must be intended for iPhone 6. And, of course, it's 5.5-inches diagonal.

Your read it here second.

iPhone 6 revealed via illustrations created from schematics that came from whoknowswhere

A week ago, schematic drawing purported to be of a 4.7- and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 were disclosed in the Japanese magazine MacFan, and picked up first by Mac Otakara and then other blogs and tech sites, such as Macrumors

Here's a photo of the schematics. Which are, you know, sketchy.

Apparently, too sketchy. editr Steve Hemmerstoffer asked his friend, Martin Hajek, who's done plenty, to create a series of photo-realistic renderings of the phone based on the schematics. Here's Hemmerstoffer's original French language post

And here it is via Google Translate

"Before anything else, I want to say that I am absolutely not able to ensure the reliability of the source of the alleged leak source with which I had never before been in contact. The greatest caution is called for...," Hemerstoffer helpfully cautioned readers.

Now that that's been cleared up.

"Now that things are clear and assuming that the illustrations below are true, the iPhone 6 would be declined in two versions (N56 / N61 and 402/401 models) respectively equipped with a screen of 4.7 and 5.5 inches diagonal," he wrote.

So, if you get past all the "ifs" — and this being the iOSphere that's not hard to do — then you now can see what the Next iPhones will look like. It will be thinner, with rounded edges, and the larger model will be so thin (the so-called "iPhone Air") that the camera module will "protrude" or "bulge" from the body.

Our pulse is racing.

iPhone 6 photos appearing on a computer screen that was itself photographed

It would be hard to top the previous item for sheer meta-ness, but the iOSphere outdid itself this week.

GForGames posted what it called "leaks," namely photos purportedly of the iPhone

"[T]he latest iPhone 6 leaks claim to show the real thing, or at least a prototype," GForGames revealed, not slowing down a bit to wonder at how large a gap in our understanding the "or" creates.  "And if this is legit, it looks like the rumor about the protruding camera was right on the money. Take a look."


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