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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 19

John Cox | April 22, 2013
With the iOSphere's spring warming trend come swarms of Chinese worker bees, presaging the start of iPhone 6 production.

With the iOSphere's spring warming trend come swarms of Chinese worker bees, presaging the start of iPhone 6 production.

Unless of course there are delays. And woe is us: it looks like every new Apple mobile product -- except possibly updated earbuds and colored Lightening-USB cables -- is being delayed. All those worker bees may end up just standing around, reading iPhone rumor sites to know what's going on.

Also this week: newly recirculated rumors about the iPhone 6 fab phablet and the magic of more megapixels.

iPhone 5 will be announced soon, because Foxconn is hiring more Chinese assembly line workers

Both Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal are reporting that Foxconn, which assembles iPhones for Apple, has started hiring additional assembly line workers, as it prepares to start production of the Next iPhone.

According to many in the iOSphere, this means that the iPhone 5S or 6 or something will be announced soon. Even though no one really defines what "soon" means, and almost no one has any idea of the time it takes for an electronics company to move from hiring new workers to shipping pallets of new smartphones to warehouses in the U.S.

Foxconn is the trade name for Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which announced that since the last week of March, it has been adding about 10,000 line workers each week at its Zhengzhou, China, facility, a major iPhone product site, according to the Journal.

According to the Journal: "'We have been very busy recently as we will start mass-producing the new iPhone soon,' said a Zhengzhou-based Foxconn executive with direct knowledge of production plans."

Bloomberg filed a very similar story, citing a "person familiar with the plans" at Zhengzhou, who could be the same person who talked to the Journal for all we know. "The extra workers will assemble the new [iPhone] device as well as existing models and have been added at Apple's request to boost capacity, the person said," according to Bloomberg.

TechnoBuffalo didn't hesitate to fill in the blanks left by the lamestream media. "iPhone 5S production is expected to begin this quarter and Apple will likely launch the phone later this summer," Todd Haselton assured readers. "However, a recent report suggests that manufacturing issues may cause some delays."

So, iPhone 5S will likely launch later this summer. Unless it's delayed. Then it will be, you know, later.

iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and iPhone iCheapo are all delayed

Speaking of delay, or more accurately of delays, plural ... CNET's Dara Kerr warns that, while its rivals "forge ahead" with mobile device, "Apple could be experiencing production delays across the board."


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