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iPhone 6 deep-dive review: A major new step in design and performance

Michael deAgonia | Oct. 2, 2014
Apple's latest smartphone offers great hardware, but like all current iPhones, has been hurt by annoying iOS 8 glitches.

Well, enough is enough. Apple users have always loved that things "just work" -- but Apple's software missteps are doing a lot to damage that reputation. Apple leadership owes their customers quality, and if Apple engineers are biting off more than they can chew, then leadership needs to push for more accurate and realistic deadlines than the ones they keep imposing on themselves in order to capitalize on the holiday season. Software (and hardware) should be released when ready, not due to some arbitrary and unrealistic schedule.

Bottom line
That being said, I love the hardware: it's sleek, gorgeous and incredibly well built. The way the glass subtly curves to meet the aluminum casing shows its quality, with tolerances and materials that make many rival phones feel cheap and toy-like. While the iPhone 6 may not have the densest pixel count or biggest screen, the display still hits high marks as one of the best LCDs available on mobile devices, featuring great viewing angles, as well as vibrant and uniform colors (even in direct sunlight).

So despite problems with the OS, I can still whole-heartedly recommend this phone. I'm sure that iOS 8 will continue to improve as regular updates come down from Apple. As it stands, the hardware is phenomenal, and in concert with the iTunes app ecosystem, future integration with Yosemite (the next operating system for the Mac) and the potential of Apple Pay, the iPhone 6 should be another winner for Apple.

It's just unfortunate that Apple's subpar execution is getting more news cycles than the best iPhone lineup the company has ever shipped.


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