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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Bigger is in fact better (in the right hands)

Jason Snell | Sept. 18, 2014
When Apple released the first iPhone, its 3.5-inch touchscreen seemed huge compared to the displays of other phones. Nonetheless, competitors responded with even larger screens, trying to find areas where they could provide clear alternatives to Apple hardware. Consumers responded positively, so the competition started making even bigger phones.

The major difference between the two cameras is really only a factor when in low-light situations. The iPhone 6 Plus camera has the added ability to do optical image stabilization, where the camera hardware actually moves as you do in order to minimize blurriness in dark situations where the cameras sensors need more time to absorb light in order to get a viewable picture. There are also software techniques Apple uses in low-light situations, but only the larger camera actually has physical stabilization hardware.

The bottom line

Make no mistake: The most important new thing about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is their size. While their processors run faster and their cameras focus more exactingly, the real story is that these are larger phones with larger screens. Thats better for displaying photos and videos, of course, and often for just allowing more information to fit on the screen. But theres also a cost: The smaller your hands are, the harder these phones are to handle.

Ill wager that for most iPhone 5 users, the iPhone 6 will be a solid upgrade, and after a few days of adjustment, theyll never miss their old iPhones. As for the iPhone 6 Plus, its a device that will undoubtedly find its adherents. They might be people who use their iPhones constantly and also need as much battery power as possible, or people with large hands, or people for whom it will be the only computing device theyll use every day. Samsung and other competitors have showed that theres an audience for extra-large phonesand thats now an audience that can buy an iPhone. Thats the whole point.


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