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iPhone 5: steep curve

Stefan Hammond | Aug. 24, 2012
Apple made no mobile phones prior to 2007. Five years ago, the then-Apple Computer released the iPhone. Unlike the iPod release of 2001, there was some variety available in the initial product memory-specs. But it was still The iPhone--available Stateside and locked for a single carrier.

And despite one of the better retail supply-chain operations around, it will be difficult to get one--at first. Apple has been hoisted on its own petard: after the iPhone 5 launch, they need to address iPad issues. Will they release a smaller/cheaper iPad this year? That rumor's persisted for months.

The lesson for enterprises in all this: BYOD is here to stay, and regardless of device, company policies are essential to protect company-data. Breaches were noted with the first iPod: people walked into retail shops selling Apple computers, plugged in the device using a FireWire 400 cable, and copied files (the original iPod appeared as a hard disk). Nowadays, the cable isn't needed, nor is an Apple device.

With corporate-network security, the devices change but the principle remains the same: lock it or lose it.


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