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iPhone 5 rumor roll-up (continued) for week ending Oct. 7

John Cox | Oct. 11, 2011
The best thing about the iPhone 4S is that it means the iOSsphere can keep rumoring about the iPhone 5. And it is.

In addition, there were reports that Apple was unhappy with the first-generation LTE chipsets from Qualcomm that would make phones bulkier. In April, Apple's then stand-in CEO Tim Cook said the first-generation LTE chipsets forced a lot of design compromises with the handset and that the company was not willing to make those compromises.

"Apple's Mistake: Not Naming It iPhone 5"

Chris Baines' headline at The Motley Fool thinks Apple should just have called the new phone "iPhone 5" anyway. That way it wouldn't have broken the first two rules of business.

You're wondering what they are. According to Baines, they are 1) give your customers what they want, and 2) "don't insult your friends in the media."

Big mistake to call the phone "4S." Because both the friends in the media and customers (presumably all 140 million or so, or at least the 90% of them that repeatedly say they are satisfied or very satisfied with any iPhone model they have) "felt cheated."

"How am I, a loyal Apple customer, supposed to brag to my iPhone 4 friends about a spanking new 'IPhone 4S'? That seems so lame." Quite. But perhaps Baines was trying to be satiric.

Palmer at Beatweek makes a similar point, but one that isn't redeemed by satire, because he's dead serious. Apple CEO Cook "didn't have the guts to make the ridiculously arrogant move which Jobs probably would have: Steve would have called this new iPhone the 'iPhone 5' even though it physically looks exactly like the iPhone 4."

Why call a spade a spade when you can call it the queen of hearts?

Apple was afraid to launch iPhone 5

This is a ... well, we're not sure what one should call it ... but we'll stick with a "conceit" put forward at Forbes by Louis Bedigan, a staff writer for Benzinga, which describes itself as an online news and analysis site.

His post is titled, "Four reasons Apple is making us wait for iPhone 5," with the reasons ranked in ascending order.

Reason No. 4 is "color changes aren't enough," and it's an argument that we honestly couldn't understand. He cites the white iPhone 4, which wasn't an upgrade or a "fresh phone in any regard," but Apple was "hyping it as the next best thing in smartphone development."

Hyping the color white. That would be quite an achievement. His conclusion: "But compared to a red or blue iPhone (or even an all-silver design), the iPhone 4S seems downright awesome." That's something of a head scratcher.

Reason No. 3 for the wait is "Sprint (Likely) Wanted a Better Deal than Verizon." Apparently Bedigan believes that Sprint wanted a "better (read: more exciting) unveiling" than Verizon got in early 2011 with the CDMA version of iPhone 4. "Now its customers can proudly buy a 'new' phone instead of another iteration of last year's model." We're not getting this one either. One would have thought real excitement would have been to push up the iPhone 5 announcement for Sprint rather than delay.


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