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iPad mini 2 review of reviews - what do the experts say about the iPad mini with Retina Display?

Matt Egan | Oct. 28, 2013
Here is a very early iPad mini what Retina Display review of reviews from tech editors in the UK and the US.

Meanwhile some clown called 'Matt Egan' over at PC Advisor had this to say: "Before you turn it on the new iPad mini looks a lot like the old iPad mini, but once you see the screen you'll appreciate the difference thanks to the Retina display. 

"Apple was using the Auto CAD app as a great example to show off the 3D capabilities of the new iPad mini with Retina. They were also able to demonstrate zooming in to see the fine detail in one of the designs, something that might have been lost in a blur on the old iPad mini.

"We watched the new iPhoto iOS app at work as beautiful images were edited to look even more beautiful using sliders that are easy to master."

Man's a poet. Right, let's move from tech to gadgets and see what that colourful bunch over at T3 have to say, in words repeated on the Daily Mirror website:

"There's no Touch ID on the new iPad Mini, no multi-coloured chassis options and a similar price tag (although the older iPad Mini has now dropped around £100).

"However, with a faster processor, an 128Gb memory option, much better FaceTime HD camera, M7 co-processing and that utterly beautiful hi-res Retina screen, it's hard to change our view of it remaining the best small form-factor, if not THE best tablet on the market."

Praise indeed, and prior to proper testing I'd tend to agree. What say you Tech Radar?

"The original iPad mini blew us away, but we were also clear on the improvements we wanted to see, and Apple has taken steps to make the iPad mini 2 with Retina even more attractive.

"Faster, prettier and more featured, the new iPad mini is everything we hoped it would be. Although there was nothing that we didn't expect, it should be noted that this is a tablet that ticks every box.

"The price is higher again as Apple, like Amazon and Google, looks to step away from the razor-thin margins of last year's budget tablets, but on our early look alone, we think Apple has once again eased ahead in the mid-size slate space."

Lovely, lovely stuff. Right, let's finish with a glance at the views of those bloggy hipsters across the pond at The Verge. Dude, put down your skinny latter, hitch up your skinny jeans, and give us the skinny on the new iPad mini:

"In essence, Apple chose not to change the iPad mini's basic formula to compete with these new tablets. It kept the same basic form factor as its predecessor, leaving the screen at a 4:3 aspect ratio that helps maintain compatibility with iOS' massive library of apps. That makes the iPad mini a bit wider and a tiny bit more unwieldy than the Nexus 7, but it's a small price to pay for access to the biggest library of tablet apps on the market. The overall build quality, fit, and finish on the new iPad mini is also better than any other tablet on the market which probably explains its starting price."

So there you have it. The Technorati is in agreement that on first impressions at least the new iPad mini is a belter. Stay tuned for our own full review in the fullness of time!


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