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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Sept. 17

John Cox | Sept. 19, 2013
Oct. 15 formula, feel the love, 64-bit forecast, look-alikes.

The iOSphere is thrilled to a report, or more accurately to gossip that forecasts Oct. 15 as the date on which the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will be revealed in all their glory. Last year, the first iPad mini was unveiled Oct. 23, so Halloween comes early this year.

Also this week: a look at anti-reflective display technology in an Apple patent and how Apple could gain the love of hate-filled consumers by using it in the next iPads; the daring prediction that the Next iPads will, like the iPhone 5S, have 64-bit processors; and new photos show how the new iPads will be identical except for their size.

You read it here second.

iPad 5 to be announced Oct. 15
In astounding display of rumor hubris, an offhand comment has almost the entire iOSphere in thrall to the conviction that the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will be announced on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

The date was contained in the third paragraph, of a three-paragraph post [via Google Translate] at the French-language Apple fan site MacGeneration.  

The headline is "Stocks at the lowest [for] iMac and a special event on October 15th" and leads with a claim that the next iMac will be in short supply. It ends with this: "According to the latest gossip, Apple held a special event again around October 15. The Cupertino company will present the new iPad - as she takes the opportunity to say a word about the Mac Haswell?"

MacGeneration gives no hint as to where it heard this gossip.

Mark Gurman cleverly inverted that post (and displayed his grasp of French by using the word "rumeur") and elevated "gossip" into "information" and even a "report." Here's the headline to his own post at 9to5Mac: "Rumeur: Apple's next event to be held on October 15th?"

"According to France-based MacGeneration, which has offered both accurate and inaccurate information in the past, Apple's next media event will be held on Tuesday, October 15th," Gurman writes. "Apple is expected to debut a series of new products by the end of this year, including multiple new iPad models, several new Macs, OS X Mavericks, and perhaps an update to Apple TV hardware."

9to5Mac was only one of an endless flock of Websites wondering, proclaiming, contemplating, debating, "reporting," and disparaging a date proclaimed by its originator as nothing but "gossip."

Maybe the gossip formula was "Increment by one month the iPhone 5S announcement date and add five." Which makes as much sense as anything.

iPad 5 will have anti-reflective display and thereby gain the love of consumers
The "news" of the anti-reflective display follows the well-known and well-worn iOSphere pattern of taking any Apple patent application and applying to the Next iDevice.


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