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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending March 26

John Cox | March 28, 2013
In the iOSphere one doesn't need sources for rumors. Just unhinge one's imagination, propose a couple of untenable hypotheses, and deduce.

It's pretty obvious, really.

"Sharp is, of course, an important Apple supplier," Mammo explains. "Apple is, of course, working on a new iPhone that will supposedly have 'a killer feature.' Connect the dots and that's basically the entire rumor at the moment."

All you have to do is...connect the dots.

iPad mini 2 will have retina screen and a lower price tag

This is the conclusion based on insightful reasoning by one Jake Robison, who "covers politics and other topics" for a copy-and-rewrite website called

His reasoning is based on "various sources (and common sense)." These agree that "the second generation iPad mini will indeed be a Retina Display product." So you can check that off your list right now.

"And those familiar with Apple's pricing strategy know that the $329 price [for iPad mini] wasn't about trying to squeeze an extra ten percent over and above the $299 mark, but rather that Apple didn't want a $299 iPad mini to make the $499 flagship iPad look overpriced by comparison," Robison explains. "The $329 price almost said 'Please don't buy me, consider the full size iPad instead.'"

Exactly! Apple ensured the iPad mini's success by means of a fiendishly clever pricing strategy that did everything possible to discourage people from buying it.


"But with the iPad mini having proved to be a hit product and Apple now needing to treat it as a full fledged member of the iPad family, it's a fairly safe bet that it will indeed be revised to the much more attractive sounding $299 price tag once its generational turnover happens."

So, the $329 iPad mini, which has sold so many units that some bloggers now dare to predict that Apple will shortly scrap the full-size iPad entirely, now needs to be treated as a full-fledged member of the iPad family ... by receiving something that no other iPad or iPhone has yet received: a price cut.

"The question, then, is just when that's going to happen," Robison wonders.

That's the question, all right. And Robison has the kind of comprehensive answer that's a hallmark of the iOSphere.

"So while Apple could pull a fast one by holding a press event in April and revving the iPad mini to a $299 Retina Display model while perhaps simultaneously releasing an iPad 5, it could just as well be the case that the current iPad mini remains at its current hardware specs and pricing until the fall, at which time it will have been on the market for a full year."

One or the other. For sure.


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