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iOS gaming wishlist: PC and console games we demand on iPad

David Price | Dec. 5, 2013
Developers: please port these games to iPad or iPhone, then shut up and take our money

Which PC and console games would you love to see brought to iPad and iPhone? Here's our wishlist.

Being an iOS gamer is pretty sweet. There are tons of games, many of them free or very cheap, and we nearly always get the big releases before Android. Ha ha! Android sucks.

Infinity Blade 3: not available on Android
Infinity Blade III

Ahem. Anyway, there are some games out there that continue to resist us: browser games (which generally require Flash), or PC, Xbox or PlayStation games that haven't been ported to iOS for one reason or another.

Some game makers object to the strict rules that govern entrants to Apple's App Store, or the cut the company takes on download fees; others don't wish to program for touchscreen interfaces, or smaller screens, or for mobile processor speeds (the top-end iPhone 5s and iPad Air are both nippy, but even they can't match a hardcore gaming rig). Others may not wish to compete in the vicious shark pool that is iOS gaming, a world in which £4.99 is considered a pretty high price tag and the most popular approach is to go free and make the cash from in-app payments.

That's their prerogative, of course, and in many cases these decisions probably make perfect sense. But that doesn't stop us complaining about it. So here's our list of brilliant (or at least brilliant-sounding) games that we'd love to play, if only their developers would make them available on the iPad or iPhone.

Feel free to offer suggestions of your own. Which console or PC games would you desperately like to see on iOS?

1. Fallout (suggested by @alan_p_martin)
Fallout 3

The Fallout games are a series of RPGs set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, characterised by a 1950s-tinged retrofuturistic tone and a smart sense of humour. The most recent - Fallout: New Vegas - might be an ambitious request, but the much-admired earlier instalments would port beautifully.

2. Canyon Defense
Canyon Defense Flash browser game

Tower defence games are ten a penny on the App Store (we love Field Runners 2 the most, although Kingdom Rush is good too) and probably 12 or 15 a penny in the browser game arcades. Yet in all this time we've never recaptured the simple joy of this super-stripped-down effort, in which you place gun towers on rocky outcroppings around a canyon, then hope they've got the firepower to repulse the next wave of enemy tanks and aircraft.


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