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iOS 8 release date, rumours and leaked images

Ashleigh Allsopp | Jan. 3, 2014
Apple's iOS 8 is hot topic in among iPhone, iPad and iPod users right now. In this article, we bring you release date speculation, the latest rumours about iOS 8 and leaked images and mockups of the next version of Apple's mobile operating system. Read on to find out more.

We'd also like to be able to quickly unsubscribe from app Notifications that we've accidently signed up to within the Notification Centre.

Apple made an interesting acquisition in 2013, for a small software house called Cue. Cue specialises in smart assistant programming. With Google Now becoming an increasingly impressive service on Android, it's possible that Cue could be how Apple will catch up. It could help Apple add smarter push notifications, providing us with the information we need when we need it.

iOS 8 rumours: Siri
We're sure that Apple will bring some new features to Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant, with iOS 8. More voices within Siri would be nice for UK users, who currently only have access to a male voice unlike US users, who have the option of male or female.

iOS 8 rumours: Control Centre
We loved the addition of Control Centre with iOS 7, and we think Apple could take it even further in iOS 8. Perhaps Apple will give users more control over the Control Centre, by letting them decide which apps they want easy access to.

iOS 8 rumours: Multiple accounts
A sought after iOS feature from Apple is the ability to add additional accounts to iPads and iPhones. For iPads that are shared among a family, this would allow each member to have their own private iOS account, particularly useful for parents with young children for better parental control.

iOS 8 rumours: Multitasking
Apple made some changes to Multitasking in iOS 7, but we'd like to see these changes go even further.

We particularly like Sam Beckett's Split Screen Multitasking concept. Split screen is something we'd love to see in iOS 8, as it would increase productivity significantly and is a feature we're constantly craving while using our iPad.

We'd also like to be able to close all of the open apps at once.

iOS 8 rumours: FaceTime
FaceTime hasn't seen much love from Apple in recent updates, apart from the addition of FaceTime Audio. We'd like to see Apple introduce the ability to call multiple people at once in FaceTime, for group calls. Skype already offers the ability to conduct group calls, so the addition of the feature for FaceTime would be a big plus for Apple users.

iOS 8 rumours: Default apps
We've been saying this for years, but we'd like to delete the annoying Apple default apps that we're not interested in or never use.

iOS 8 rumours: Subscription service
An interesting idea shared with us by a colleague is the introduction of an iOS iTunes Store and/or App Store subscription service. The service could allow users to pay a set fee per month to get access to unlimited films, TV, books, apps and more (think Netflix or LoveFilm). We think this would be a brilliant idea that we could imagine many Apple users signing up to if it's priced right. It would be a huge blow for competitors, though.


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