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iOS 7 update: online forums awash with complaints, pleas

John Cox | Sept. 23, 2013
User postings about new Apple iOS 7 show confusion, ignorance, frustration, and victories.

The same problem plagued pwb503, of Corvallis, Ore., on his iPad mini: "You type a few words and it gets the first four or five letters then pauses for 10 seconds or more before writing the rest of what you had already typed...  It has rendered the iPad Mini nearly unusable at this point."

But he found a solution: "Fixed it! Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. Now everything works great," he reported.

There's a lot of confusion and anger over battery life. A rancorous thread at MacRumors was launched with a reference to an Ars Technica battery test comparing iOS 7 and iOS 6. The writer concluded that for iPhone 5, battery life was less under the new firmware. That triggered complaints, and complaints about the complaints. But it also pointed out very different user experiences.

"I actually think that my battery life has gotten better, but I don't even remember the last time I was on ios 6, so I could be wrong," posted aimee.elizabeth. "don't really care what the exact battery life is down to the minute; as long as my phone lasts me for the day then I'm golden."

"In my experience, battery life is 25% better with iOS 7," asserted dumastudetto. "It's incredible. So yeah no proof these charts are accurate." Another user said his post-update battery life had improved 15%-20%.

But others were dismayed by how fast their battery was draining. "My battery on ip5 feels like as if it was broken now on ios7!" wrote chfilm. "I'm considering bringing it to the store, because I wake up in the morning, it has 53%. I make one 5 minute phonecall: 39%! Seriously??!"

Several users suggested doing a restore from backup and then checking the settings, in part because iOS 7 supports a much greater range of dynamic activities, with apps automatically checking for updates or interacting with cloud-based locations services. "Everyone always says this but I've restored from back-up since my 3G and never had the battery issues," wrote Jimrod. "I just check all the settings when a new iOS is installed and make sure anything likely to be an issue is turned off."

"With the right settings. It lasts," glacies posted. "Bluetooth off; Parallax off; Background app off; System services for GPS mostly off; Static wallpaper. Reset all settings with every update. It doesn't take that long to set up again. Smooth as silk."

After the update, some users had problems with Apple's location services. "After installing iOS 7 in an IPad 3 I find that maps do not locate me and I cannot get location services in settings to switch on. I have a 3G model with good wifi," one user reported.


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