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iOS 7 update: online forums awash with complaints, pleas

John Cox | Sept. 23, 2013
User postings about new Apple iOS 7 show confusion, ignorance, frustration, and victories.

"Email can no longer be deleted by swiping in iOS7. Ouch!" posted CyberKnife, at Apple's support forums. But another user, swordfish5736, countered "It can. The swipe to delete is no longer left to right it's right to left now."

There were conflicting experiences with Siri, which for the first time, with iOS 7, is no longer labeled as "beta" software by Apple.

"Did any of you guys notice, Siri got worse?" asked dmahen. "They improved the voice with tone and everything in the Betas, and now we have a sucky Siri in the Final."

But sharbeen replied, "To me Siri improved a lot. Recognizes my voice way better." Another user, timmit1217, tweaked some of his settings. "You have to go back into settings to turn Siri on after the update otherwise your only using the "Voice Control" which completely sucks so definitely turn on siri," he wrote.

Some iPhone 5 users found their phones almost unusable after the update.

"I updated my iPhone 5 to the new ios 7 now im having major problems that i didnt have before," posted jo3dapro . "phone keeps freezing non stop which leads to it turning off then back on. but it still has the problem when it restarts. pleases somebody help me fix this..."

A group of other users echoed his experience. "I am having the exact same problem," wrote Don J Will, of Orlando. "When I connect to iTunes after about 5 minutes of the iPhone being frayed out "syncing" and inaccessible (very annoying) I get an error that says iTunes was unable to load data class information from Sync Services. Reconnect or try again later.'"

"I got the same issue with my iphone 5 and I have tried all the usual fixes," posted bigbadjon99. "I have done a factory restore via iTunes still the same, I have done a DFU (Download Firmware Update) mode restore [and] still [the] same issue. I have restored the phone and opted to setup as a new phone as not to install any of my data or apps just in case it was something there and still the same issue."

Finally, he just gave up. "I have now successfully restored the phone back to IOS 6.1.4 and the phone is working fine with all my apps and data restored," he posted. "Anyone got a solution to this yet?" So far, no one has.

A lagging post-update virtual keyboard was a problem for Flyingtrumpeter and his less-than-2-month-old iPhone 5, after the iOS 7 update: "There is a 5-7 second lag between when I tap a key and when it is processed and displayed making the phone almost unusable."


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