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iOS 7 update: online forums awash with complaints, pleas

John Cox | Sept. 23, 2013
User postings about new Apple iOS 7 show confusion, ignorance, frustration, and victories.

Online Apple forums are awash with confusion, frustration, ignorance, and desperation as thousands of existing iPhone and iPad users trying to update and use iOS 7, which was released last Friday. But there are also plenty of jubilant posts about successful downloads and flawless operation.

By their very nature, support groups are intended to help with problems. So it's hard to form a clear idea from just reading these posts of how the total number of iOS users updating to iOS 7 are actually faring.

After hours of working, or trying to, with iOS 7, some users are drawing strong and stark conclusions.

"Ultimately, to me, iOS7 is a large collection of arbitrary changes that bring no new real functional advantage over the previous configuration, and the interface itself is just plain ugly," posted jw1950, at the MacRumors forums, describing himself as a long-time user of multiple iOS and OS X products, after downloading iOS 7 to his iPad. "Instead of a slick looking dock, we now have a solid opaque rectangle that the docked icons lie flat on. Instead of sophisticated dimensional icons, we now have 8-bit-style flat color images. I am NOT loading 7 on my iPhone...It's made my deliberations over whether to upgrade to a 5s come to a full stop."

The problems cover a wide range of issues. Some users clearly are unaware of the changes in the UI, for example that you now swipe right to left to delete emails, not left to right. There are a surprising number of complaints, both rancorous and baffled, about improperly sized wallpapers and no apparent way to fix them in iOS 7.

Some found typing on the virtual keyboard in iOS 7 was painfully slow, at least initially. Some reported problems with accessing their Gmail accounts. Another complaint was that Notifications were no longer working after the OS update.

Others reported that their iPhone 4S was unusable; others that their iPhone 5, after installing iOS 7, was now repeatedly freezing.

Finally, there is a spirited debate over whether iOS 7 has improved or worsened battery life for current iPad and iPhone users.

Simple changes in familiar UI features are baffling some users. "what are the 5 little dots in the left hand corner that appear after update to ios7?" asked Bella Alexandria.

GeekBoy.from.Illinois had her answer: "The dots replace the old signal bars."

For Leelee694, the stumbling block was "how do u close out an app[?] I used to be able to click the home button twice and hold down an app and hit the x so how do u do it now?" Zane W came to her rescue: "double click the home button and swipe the app window up and off the screen."


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