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iOS 7 Safari tips: How to access iOS 7's new web features

David Price | Oct. 7, 2013
Master Safari in iOS 7 on your iPhone and iPad with these simple tips, from beginner's tasks such as opening multiple tabs, to more advanced techniques such as the Reader Mode, private browsing and fullscreen mode.

In iOS 5 and iOS 6, the 'Read' button would appear on the righthand side of the URL bar (right next to the refresh icon), and I used to accidentally hit this on average about five times a day. Now it appears on the left, and is much more convenient. It's the set of lines intended to look like a stylised paragraph. Tap this to enter Reader mode; tap it again to go back to the normal view.

By the way, you can also use Reader mode via the sharing palette.

Safari in iOS 7: How to change your search engine

The default search engine in iOS 7 Safari remains Google, but you can switch this to Bing or Yahoo very easily. Go to Settings, then scroll down to Safari. Right at the top of the subsequent page of options, click 'Search Engine' and select from the three choices.

Safari in iOS 7: How to open links in the background

Also in the Settings, Safari options list, there's an option labelled 'Open Links in Background' or 'In New Page'. Some iOS users (myself included) prefer to open additional links in the background rather than the foreground. (If I wanted to go directly to the page I'd simply follow the link - if I'm open it as an additional tab then it means I probably want to read it afterwards.)

If you feel the same way, select the option to open links in the background. Now, when you see a link you'd like to open in addition to the current page (as opposed to navigating straight to it, and leaving the current page behind), tap and hold it until a little menu appears. Select 'Open in New Tab'.

Safari in iOS 7: How to use Private browsing mode

Most desktop browsers offer a 'private browsing' mode, which doesn't save a history of previously visited sites - this lets you keep anniversary presents secret from your other half, and obviously offers other allurements too. Anyway, you can use a private browsing mode on your iPhone and iPad, too.

On the iPhone, hit the tabs icon at the bottom right and then press Private to the lower left of the stack. Safari will ask if you wish to close down the existing tabs before entering private mode.


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